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Lanzarote is the most volcanic and northern island in the Canarian archipelago. It is also known as the 'island of volcanoes' and once you immerse yourself in the island, you will have the sensation of having traveled to the Moon. The climate is enviable and very stable throughout the year. For this reason it has become one of the main tourist destinations not only in Spain, but in the whole Europe. In Lanzarote apart from being able to enjoy the sun and beach, the island also offers plenty of natural and cultural spaces that will surprise you.

how to get around Lanzarote


For the visitors and inhabitants of the island, maybe traveling by car offers more freedom and comfort. You will be able to know the most emblematic places of the island without worrying about a fixed schedule, but you will be able to do everything at your own pace. In addition, Lanzarote does not yet enjoy an excellent public transport, it has reduced schedules and limited routes. Undoubtedly, it is one of the destinations where renting a car is most necessary.

what to visit in Lanzarote


Lanzarote has many places that will not leave you indifferent, all with something special that you will remember.

  • Timanfaya National Park. Natural protected area where you can visit lava forests and a volcanic route that will make you feel that you are on the Moon. In addition to this amazing landscape, you can ride a dromedary, eat in the restaurant where the most typical dishes are cooked using the heat that the volcanoes still give off, and witness demonstrations of geothermal anomalies (geyser) that will leave you astonished.
  • Cueva de los Verdes. As a result of the eruption of the Corona volcano, these huge caves that occupy part of the north of the island emerged as one of the longest volcanic tubes in the world. Once inside the cave you will discover the greatest secret that keeps the island, what are you waiting for?
  • Jameos del Agua. Formerly the dumping site of the island and thanks to Cesar Manrique, in 1968 it became one of the most visited tourist areas in Spain. It is advisable to visit it during the day but also at night, as it is transformed into one of the most romantic areas of Lanzarote.

Besides these places of mandatory visit, you can also visit the César Manrique Foundation, Los Hervideros, the Mirador del Río, the Monument to the Peasant, or the Garden of Cactus among others.

which beach should I go in Lanzarote


After so much excursion there must be some time of rest, right? In Lanzarote you will be lucky enough to find a large number of coves, shores and natural pools perfect for relaxing or practicing water sports like surfing, windsurfing or snorkeling.

  • Beach of Papagayo. Located in Playa Blanca, in the south of the island, are certainly the most visited shores in the Canaries. In addition you have a lot to choose from, since it consists of several coves, some of them are very small and quiet, which you will have the luck to access if the tide is low. You will enjoy golden sand, tranquility and turquoise water that will invite you to never leave. In Papayo it is necessary a means of transport to get there. At Unocar we offer you the best cars in the island at an economical price to enjoy the experience.
  • Caleta de Famara. It is the most extensive beach in Lanzarote with more than six kilometers in length , it is a must see. Due to the great waves, the red flag persists throughout the year, being the perfect beach for surfing and windsurfing.
  • Playa Grande. Located in Puerto del Carmen, it is one of the most visited beaches in the island since it has easy access, it also has a surveillance site, sunbeds and umbrellas to rent.
what to eat in Lanzarote


Canarias has its own gastronomy composed of fish, seafood and stews. You can try fish like el Cherne, la Vieja, la Sama or el Abae that probably at first sounds strange but once you try you will love it.

  • Potatoes 'arrugás'(with wrinkles). Because, what is a trip to the Canaries without a side dish of these delicious potatoes? They are small potatoes grown in the islands that are usually accompanied by green mojo and mojo picón and are usually served as a side dish garnish.
  • Sancocho. In short, it is a dish made up of canary fish (usually cherne), sweet potatoes, boiled potatoes and mojo. It is one of the most typical Canarian dishes being today, the main dish of the festivities and family reunions.
where to eat in Lanzarote


We know that finding the right restaurant in a tourist resort is a bit complicated, in Unocar we have thought of you and we will tell you the typical restaurants where you can enjoy good gastronomy.

  • Brisa Marina. Located on Avenida Marítima de Playa Blanca Nº97, it is one of the ideal places to enjoy seafood on the beach front. Telephone: 928 51 72 06.
  • Costa Azul. It is the typical beach bar where you can enjoy typical Lanzarote food in one of the areas of mandatory visit, El Golfo. Visit Lago Verde and then enjoy a good fish in Costa Azul! Telephone: 928 17 31 99.
  • Casa de la playa. Located on La Garita beach in the northern village of Arrieta, Casa de la Playa offers you the typical Canarian gastronomy just a step away from the beach. Telephone: 928 17 33 39.